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The Sepa-Stator steam peeler is the result of many years development and improvement of the well-known steam peeling process. The outcome is a on several points patented and unique Sepa-Stator steam peeling system.

The most important features which make the steam peeling process in the Sepa-Stator most consistent and with that the absolute summit in this technology are:

  • a static mounted steam vessel

  • a separation grid in the vessel for the continuous dewatering of the product mass

  • the continuous movement of the product mass by an agitator and

  • the during the peeling process complete removal of the on the product formed condensate.

GMF Gouda is with the Sepa-Stator the undisputed market leader in the vegetable processing industry. Moreover the Sepa-Stator is the only steam peeler worldwide which can be applied in the "potato chips" industry



The GMF Gouda Brush-n-Belt dry peel remover is, since the rising of the industrial processing of potatoes and vegetables, undisputed the most cost-effective dry brushing system.
Circa 95% of the in the steam peeler loose steamed peel waste is separated from the steam peeled product mass without using any water. The right brush composition takes care that the Brush-n-Belt can reach a high capacity.

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